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sepp - la gura sobei ep

Sepp – La Gura Sobei EP

Sepp – La Gura Sobei EP

Born and raised in Constanta, Sepp is an influential name in the Romanian underground scene. Bajdechi Teo, by his real name, has founded alongside his friend Nu Zau the label UVAR and last year he created Catren, a label where we can find a more lyrical and organic approach to music.

After releasing his first album, Timpuriu, on UVAR last year and an interesting collaboration with Alex Font on the Mis Hermanos Rumanos release, Sepp comes back with a brand new EP at Curtea Veche, a two-year-old UK vinyl-only label which is at its sixth release already.

sepp - la gura sobei ep

I choose the name of the track and after that I visualise how it would sound considering its name, it probably doesn’t sound right, but that’s how I work. – feeder insider w/ Sepp

Dugul Pământului has minimalistic surroundings but, as is often case with Sepp‘s tracks, it is the stunning vocals that instantly get your attention. A man shouting in the background immediately gets overwhelmed by the bass only to appear again when you don’t expect him. This constant and haunting presence can be felt throughout the track and it creates a special atmosphere. Once the other elements, some sweet percussions, peculiar background noises, sharp hi-hats, are in full motion, it will be very difficult to resist the urge to start moving.

Next up, Zorilor Roze brings a more dark and misty atmosphere creating a lovely contrast with Dugul Pământului. The bass line slowly introduces us into what is probably Sepp‘s longest track on record with a whopping 18 minutes play time. A repetitive and hypnotic vocal accompanies us throughout and you can get the sense that this is a perfect after-hours affair.

You can pre-order it at

Artist: Sepp
Title: La Gura Sobei
Label: Curtea Veche
Cat. number: CV006
Release date: unknown
Format: vinyl-only

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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