feeder sound 122 mixed by Scott Kemp b2b Josh Wicks

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feeder sound 122 mixed by Scott Kemp b2b Josh Wicks

There’s double trouble for this week’s new episode of feeder sound. The South London duo Scott Kemp and Josh Wicks team up to help you get ready for the weekend with a lovely back to back set.

Scott Kemp has already a string of releases under his belt, both digital and vinyl, with labels such as mobilee records, Earlydub Records, Deep Tech Records etc. But the project closest to his heart remains LDN Records, the vinyl only label he founded in 2015.

Josh Wicks, part of the gang at LDN, has only two releases to his name –  LDN006 & Grumble EP – but the start is promising. Born and raised in London, Josh carries with him the enthusiasm of youth and the seriousness of an experienced DJ.

The one thing that every bit of music I produce must have is it can sound strange but it really has to connect with me and also the dance floor in order for me to think about releasing it. – feeder insider w/ Scott Kemp

If cloudy London had a sound, one of the places you could find it would be in Scott and Josh’s mixes. A bit of a misty and dark atmosphere all around, a heavy bass line and some hypnotizing background noises make for a perfect warm-up set. You can even spot a Sepp track that has been heavily played recently in Romania and other familiar sounds are around the corner. Listen carefully and enjoy.

Scott Kemp: facebook // soundcloud
Josh Wicks: facebook
feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud

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