Denis Rodd launches label Cochlea with his first EP ‘Embryo’


Berlin-based, Canary Islands born Denis Rodd, is releasing his debut EP Embryo on his own imprint Cochlea Music.

Drawing influences from a variety of genres, from funk, acid jazz, and jazz-funk, and blending it all with his passion for house, Denis manages to create a sound which transcends time and music labels, leaving the listener to enjoy a lavish and complex sonic experience.

Crisalida, which translates to chrysalis from Spanish, means an inactive insect between two different forms and you get a sense of this trance from Crisalida which bounces around playful melodies and lively baselines while being carried by an electro-infused beat. Re-Quest, on the other hand, is a slow tech house roller with similar light atmospheres, a contrasting stepping baseline, and dark undertones. The twisted circulating opera vocal samples in L’Opera gives it a unique character and, finally, Famara finishes the EP with a melancholic whisper, pulsing along with a complimentary wobble baseline.

Grab a copy of Embryo at

Artist: Denis Rodd
Title: Embryo
Label: Cochlea
Release date: 7 April 2017



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