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feeder sound 118 mixed by Julia Matuss [Absence Seizure]

feeder sound 118 mixed by Julia Matuss [Absence Seizure]

feeder sound 118 mixed by Julia Matuss [Absence Seizure]

Happy Friday, everyone! This week we travel to New York but what we have here is a bit of a Ukranian flavour attached.

Currently living in New York and the head of Absence Seizure label, Julia Matuss made her mark by being one of the most talented and sought-after djs in all of Ukraine. What is unique about Matuss is that she is consumed by music and the results of her obsession are projected onto audiences when she performs.

“In this mix I wanted to showcase some of my favs – the obsession with Abe Duque remix and love for aliens, some dark and bass oriented groovy things. Plus, dig into my piano roots toward the end for that jazzy connection..” – Julia Matuss

You’re in for a very slow but playful start to the mix. The relaxing effect the first track has on the audience is a very interesting, but as soon as this is over a strong bass takes over slowly. You can feel the rhythm going up and your feet will start to move soon enough. Blending in deep house, minimal, techno, Julia Matuss shows off her skills nicely here. Groovy hi-hats and gentle background noises make this a very smooth sail perfect for a rainy Friday like this one.

Julia Matuss: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: // soundcloud

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