feeder insider celebrates International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange


feeder insider celebrates International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

feeder insider, as an editorial project, has set clear objectives to acknowledge and promote the role and impact of female artists and makers in today’s cultural landscape.

International Women’s Day challenges traditional ways and invites you to #BeBoldForChange and…

  • raise women’s visibility as spokespeople in the media
  • drive fairer recognition and credit for women’s contributions
  • launch even more awards showcasing women’s success
  • hail the success of women leaders
  • applaud social, economic, cultural and political women role models
  • celebrate women’s journeys and the barriers overcome
  • reinforce and support women’s triumphs

We celebrate today with an empowering selection of thoughts and stories, as shared by inspiring female artists, throughout the last 3 years of feeder insider.


feeder insider 111 w/ Sorina Vazelina RO // EN 

”Drawing was always there, it was like a shadow that went through all my urges. I don’t know why, but I doodle since forever, on books, desks, for friends, for classes, for clients, because I can’t find another hiding place.” –  Sorina Vazelina


 feeder insider 110 w/ Francesca Lombardo [Crosstown Rebels] –  EN

”I have always loved to play in Bucharest, there is a such strong scene for my kind of electronic music, which gives me lots of freedom when I play.” – Francesca Lombardo


feeder insider 108 w/ Simina Grigoriu [Kuukou] – EN

”I have long been fascinated with Japanese culture. I find the attention to detail and diligence in across many elements of their culture extremely artistic and beautiful.  I am a citizen of the world but when I went to Japan I fell silent with admiration. – Simina Grigoriu


 feeder insider 104 w/ Rizi RO // EN

”We are a studio which offers design services for local or international businesses, from start-ups to big companies, so the commercial part is important. At the same time, we think it’s natural to spend time and to put your abilities to use to make the environment you live in a better place. In an optimistic future, but hopefully possible, the social component from entrepreneurship won’t be an exception, but the norm.” – Rizi


 feeder insider 103 w/ Citit în (Olga & Adrian) – RO // EN

”The interaction with the spectators goes as far as you have a real interest towards them. You don’t ask a question just because you can, but because you are genuinely interested in getting an answer. You support an exchange. Real.” – Olga Berar


feeder insider 98 w/ Aural EyeRO // EN


”Sometimes it takes a lot of time to prepare and you end up not using much of what you worked on, other times it all goes smooth, just as you planned. It’s just like any other job – with every minute you dedicate to your work, be it in the forest with a camera, at the office in After or Photoshop or contemplative scrolling searching for inspiration, essentially you set up the groundwork for a workflow which becomes very important.” – Aural Eye



 feeder insider 96 w/ Angela CiobanuRO // EN

”I don’t think you ever feel like you’ve learned enough, in fact, I think that every moment that you spend working brings you something new. But I do believe that you can reach a point where you understand why they say that you have to learn as much as possible so that you can afterward forget everything. If the road you are walking on is not yours, it’s like you had learned everything in vain.” – Angela Ciobanu


feeder insider 90 w/ Rubi  ツ [CMYKollektiv] – EN

”Independent of the ingredients, for me music is mainly about the way it makes you feel – if it hypnotises you to the extent that you forget your surroundings and get deep inside the tune, it’s a great piece!” – Rubi  ツ


feeder insider 89 w/ Vika Tonu – RO

”Există atât partea tehnică cât și cea practică – trebuie întâi să te împrietenești cu metalul, cu focul și cu instrumentele, și după să înțelegi latura conceptuală, forma și echilibrul viitorului obiect.” – Vika Tonu


feeder insider 85 w/ Lola Palmer – EN // RO

”About half a year ago, one of Bucharest promoters had been listening to my set before going to bed, fell asleep and began dancing to my track “Close Your Eyes” in his dreams. That was a point of no return and he decided to book me in Bucharest. Marius himself shared this story with me. In January, everything finally worked out and I made my trip to Romania” – Lola Palmer


 feeder insider 84 w/ Oana [Ariki] – EN // RO

”When it comes to the groove I prefer making organic sounds, as close as possible to the human essence, with strong, clear bass lines, a slight tribal percussion of the drums, connecting into an almost shamanic dance rhythm, emotional pieces, intelligent minimalism, off beat sound, unpredictably spilling into the track and last but not least, I hand over part of my sound’s inspiration to the music that influenced my childhood.” – Oana


feeder insider 82 w/ Salomé Calvino – EN

“The majority of the artists here are really passionate about what they do, they don’t do it for fame but just because they can’t live without it. It’s rare these days and you can feel it in their music, really really deep. It’s just insane!” – Salome Calvino


feeder insider 81 w/ H.E.R. –  EN

“I love the whole idea of somebody writing a bit of music and making the effort to press it onto a vinyl for it to be stocked in record stores worldwide. Then someone like little old me goes digging and comes out with treasure.” – H.E.R.



feeder insider 80 w/ Care? Cutare (Alcalina) – RO

“One time I was playing music all night at a party, in the mountainside and I woke up in the morning as if I was in a magic place, I was in front of the CDjs, I was playing music, outside there was sunlight and I had been partying for a long time in another world, a world of sounds and music. I was mesmerized.” – Care? Cutare


feeder insider 77 w/ Ioana Sisea – RO // EN

“I think the public who doesn’t attend concerts or go to galleries and museums is a desensitized audience, be it through education or due to social circumstances. Getting closer to any kind of art means getting more in touch with yourself, it means finding within the emotions which resonate with a certain work of art.” – Ioana Sisea


feeder insider 76 w/ Soundopamine – RO

With Jupiter Wild, we are evoking the spirit of the astral music. It will guide you towards your inner shelter or further away between incertitude, agony, and ecstasy. Close your eyes and Jupiter can be a new time dimension or another dimension of yours. – Soudopamine


feeder insider 75 w/ Borusiade – RO // EN

“Personally I did not feel discrimination, only some sort of skepticism when it came to my passion vs. gendre… which is stupid, if I may say so… However, this status of being „the only girl” can be considered a privilege by some, but can also turn into painful solitude.” – Borusiade



feeder insider 74 w/ Bonbon – RO // EN

“I enjoy mixing vinyl because it involves your sense of hearing more than the visual and it also demands more concentration, compared to when you see the bpm and the waveform.” – Bonbon



feeder insider 72 w/ Nastia – RO // EN

“I am never stuck and never stop discovering and trying. My inside world is full of feelings so I think because of that my production depends on my mood at the moment.” – Nastia


feeder insider 69 w/ Olga Zlemska – RO // EN

“Art became one of the ways I could communicate with others without the need to know a specific language or culture well, and instead, I could intuitively communicate about all the things that are universally shared and understood by all human beings; the things that underlie all of life and connect all of us to one another.” – Olga Zlemska



feeder insider 66 w/ Julie Marghilano – RO // EN

I don’t really like to think in Gender as their will always be people who use this to their advantage and there will also always be authentic artists who are producing an djing with passion and skill. – Julie Marghilano


feeder insider 65 w/ Dorothea – RO // EN

I view creativity as the art of letting your emotions loose and allowing your heart to guide you, to make something… beautiful. – Dorothea



feeder insider 63 w/ Livia Coloji – RO // EN

On the surface, it doesn’t seem serious at all, but my drawings, as well as other illustrators’, are the first step in a child’s education, and education and culture are big assets. – Livia Coloji 


feeder insider 54 w/ tiNI [Desolat] –  EN

I find it interesting meeting so many different types of people from different parts of the world. Generally when I play, I make friends and end up returning to play there again. I like to try and keep contact with people that I meet along my travels. – tINI


feeder insider 49 w/ Hașh Hendrex [Cadenza] – EN

As for Metaphorical I try to embrace quantum theory and particle entanglement through soundwaves to represent an universal home for all life. – Hașh Hendrex


feeder insider 46 w/ Blond:ish [Kompakt/Get Physical] – EN

”We really believe it’s crucial as an artist to keep evolving and transforming…” – Blond:ish


feeder insider 42 w/ Andreiana Mihail – RO

”An exhibition has its ephemeral and abstract parts. A publication marks a moment, a certain point, it’s a historical personal reference point.” – Andreiana Mihail


feeder insider 37 w/ Suzana Dan – RO // EN

“Believe in what you want to do and especially to enjoy what you do. And not least, be aware that you’ll never be loved by everyone. It would be strange and unhealthy.” feeder insider w/ Suzana Dan


feeder insider 26 w/ Lilith [Amazing MusicRO // EN

“My life is music, everything is connected, so my life philosophy influences every aspect of my music. One of the manifestations of this relationship is that I get so inspired by the sounds of nature and I use aspects of nature as basis for my music.” – Lilith


feeder insider 23 w/ Miss I [Misbits] – RO // EN

“Initially, it was just an idea, I didn’t see it as attainable, there were aspects I thought I couldn’t handle, I didn’t understand why but this project came from my heart and I got down to work right away. “- Miss I


feeder insider 20 w/ Cristiana Tăutu (Calup) – RO

“I am nearly as much a tom-boy and honest as I was in childhood, that has remained, and I like to collect pieces of paper with graphics / illustrations / photos that tickle my subconsciousness somehow.” – Cristiana Tăutu


feeder insider 12 w/ Aitch (artist // illustrator) – RO  // EN

“I do believe the most important thing is to find your own peculiar trait and go with it.” – Aitch


feeder insider 09 w/ Dinara Drukarova – EN

”The story is very important for me. What I want to tell, what I want to make people feel, understand. This is the most important for me.” – Dinara Drukarova


feeder insider 04 w/ We Singing Colors (band) – RO

“Most of the times, it all starts with the state we’re in, which leads to a sentence or an accord which to us sounds like music” – We Singing Colors



Tell us in the comments which female artists and makers have inspired you and why, as we are constantly looking to expand the feeder insider universe.

A big thank you to all the ladies out there and have a wonderful International Women’s Day!


Words by Cristina Popa & Vlad Dumitrescu

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