G I A S - Cadre EP
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G I A S – Cadre EP

Eliptic Records, a new player in the Romanian underground scene, comes through with their second release. While the first one, played heavily by Rhadoo, featured Fengda Carissa and Julian, here we find GIAS, a fresh collaboration between Julian (who is also the label owner) and Andrei Stoian, two Bucharest based producers.

G I A S - Cadre EP

Un Anume gets us to a strong start with some brisk grooves covered by a layer of deep bass lines that are just what is needed on the dance floor. Add to this some subtle vocals and you have a very good chance to hear this one more often in the clubs over the next period.

A misty atmosphere greets us on the B-side with Pedant taking things more slowly. Mysterious vibrations accompany the powerful bass line and peculiar sounds make for a dim view, but the deepness here would be a perfect match for a cozy warm-up set.

Stop cadru closes the curtain here with style. So if we had main time and warm-up until now, it seems fitting that everything comes to a conclusion with a good after party. Stop cadru delivers big time in this area: gentle hi-hats, lovely chords and a linear but dominant bass.

You can order it at deejay.de.

Artist: GIAS
Title: Cadre
Label: Eliptic
Cat. number: ELIP002
Release date: 06.02.2017
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu


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  1. […] label founded in late 2016, headed by Fengda Carissa and Julian. Releasing records by Mihigh, GIAS (Julian & Andrei Stoian), Timofti, Julian and Fengda, the label’s upright endeavours are […]

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