feeder sound 115 mixed by Act.Natural [Soblazn Music]

feeder sound 115 mixed by Act.Natural

Act.Natural are a brand new DJ/production duo hailing from Leeds, formed through a long-standing friendship and a mutual love of music. They found that both their tastes were along a similar line to one another whilst also still having very individual eclectic interests. They love everything from 90’s hip-hop, to breakbeat through to disco and of course house music and everything in between.

Act.Natural’s main aim is to create and deliver music in their own unique way and to do it how they want to do it, without having to succumb to the latest trends or the norm.

A calm atmosphere and the voice of an old man who talks while other people are laughing is not usually what you expect from a techno set, but after the first two minutes, the serious bass kicks in and the goofing around is surely over. With tracks from S.A.M. or Cristopher Ledger, the guys from Leeds brought with them the perfect rolling grooves to get you in the mood for some Friday night fever. Hit play and enjoy.

Act.Natural: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud

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