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Eastenderz is a label that stays true to its sound of minimal and micro-house with previous releases from artists like East and Dubs or Ittetsu. The 13th installment brings together familiar names, Lizz and Doubtingthomas being both at their third adventure with the label.

LIZZ endz013

You’re here for the music, right? Well, so is Lizz and the groovy atmosphere in the first track, Music, clearly takes front stage and sets the listener for a trippy and dance-infused journey through the fast bass lines that are carefully put together.

Next up is a more calm approach from Doubtingthomas in Just Saying. The Berlin-native creates a linear vibe all around with a smooth sound in the background and when the clearly-cut bass lines kick in, all the elements complement each other just the right way. This one is surely for the after hours.

You can pre-order at

Label: Eastenderz
Format: Vinyl 12″
Catalog number: Endz013
Release date: 01.03.2017

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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