Oina: a photobook


Oina photo-essay: the forgotten Romanian sport that allegedly inspired baseball, in B&W film photographs.

We had a wonderful topic: oina, the forgotten Romanian sport whose striking resemblance with baseball prompted the hypothesis that it may actually be its ancestor. We discovered the world of those who still practice it, although it doesn’t bring them money or fame. After a couple of years of travelling into amazing and time forgotten corners of Romania, we have the photos that tell the story. Now, our book is ready to go to press. Support us and buy a photo-book you’ll cherish.

Please follow this link to get more details https://igg.me/at/oina-photobook/


oina photobook

A project by Bogdan Boghitoi and Sorin Vidis, two guys who at some point in their life fell in love with documentary photography and teamed up to practice it in their way. In this fast-paced digital age, they take their time to explore the world in depth by engaging into long term project that they photograph on film. The present photobook is the direct outcome of their slow approach to tell the story of the practice of a sport that seems almost obsolete, oina.


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