Slavaki – Escalator EP

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Slavaki - Escalator EP

Elusive label owner Slavaki combines organic and synthetic elements to create his minimalist sound that is groovy and functional, and yet beautifully soulful.

His releases found favour with numerous people of distinguished musical taste, and got hailed by artists as diverse as Slam, Ekkohouse, Silicone Soul, Brother’s Vibe, Agoria, Ziggy Kinder, Mihai Popoviciu, Miss Jools, Alexi Delano, Tom Dazing, Pascal Feos, Chris Carrier, Terry Francis to name but a few.

The Escalator EP comes in shape of a 180g vinyl limited to 300 numbered copies which will go out in January 2017 and is moments away from becoming a collector’s item.

The EP starts off with In Circles, a track that is full of experimental sounds and peculiar vibes that create an alluring soundscape with a haunting feeling that stays with you for a while even after the song is finished.

You can hear the raindrops in Sunday Rain as the rolling grooves sink in and the bass puts a layer of complexity in this dubby but melodic track. It continues smoothly the trip from where In Circles left off.

We go on the Escalator with the next track and the powerful bass lines continue the journey from the first two tracks. If the until now we heard some carefully constructed warm-up tracks, with this one the rhythm changes and you will find yourself on the dancefloor in no time.

The finale to this story – Herb – starts with some thrilling vocals and a very strong bass line. The track unfolds slowly as it progresses with new sounds coming alive as we go on.

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

Label: Elusive
Artist: Slavaki
Title: Escalator EP
Cat.No.: ELSVREC028
Format: 12” vinyl
Release Date: 20.01.2017



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