KT001 – Alternating Systems EP

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KT001 - Alternating Systems EP

Kommuna Tapes is a limited vinyl and tape label based in Barcelona, curated with love and care by CMYK and Rubi.

Track by track, we build our own Kommuna of artists who share our commitment to the vinyl medium and insatiable appetite for music discovery, guided by a certain vision of the dancefloor: deep stripped-down grooves, sometimes challenging, always with character.

The project develops in symbiosis with the events organized by Kommuna 2, which give us an opportunity to meet and celebrate with our artists, letting them freely express themselves in an intimate venue and to build long-term relationships.


A1. Sebastian Eduardo – Separate Reality
A2. Tommy Vicari Jnr – IDU
B1. CMYK & Rubi – Chicken Day
B2. Christian Jay – Liston 2

Alternating Systems EP is the debut release of our Kommuna Tapes imprint – an alter- nation of new and established artists, music for dancing through the night and music for the mind. Supported by: Vera, XDB, Francesco del Garda, Slow Life, Andrew James Gustav, Janeret.


Through his ever-evolving music tastes and lengthy stays in numerous European and American cities, classically-trained Eric Denis, better known as Youtube selector CMYK, soaked up influences as diverse as it can be. An insatiable appetite for music discovery and a faithful devotion to record collecting sharpened his ears to the point of becoming a trusted reference for many.


Rubi has been frequenting the electronic music scene for almost a decade and has soaked up musical influences from different places all over the world. Leaving the path of mainstream in the underground, her sets are characterized by crossing different styles and genres, fueled by a continuous search for overlooked records from the past that deserve special attention. She strives to create a journey through the unknown, characterized by ever-changing rhythms, little vocals, strange drum patterns and everything that is a bit outside of the usual.

Rubi is the happy owner of a small YouTube channel, where she shares some of her favorite records made for special home-listening, ranging from early IDM and old school techno / electronica to experimental, abstract and minimal music.

Tommy Vicari Jnr

Hailing from Sheffield, UK, Tommy has built a cult following as one of the most prolific producers through a career of 15 years. Despite the hype that has surrounded his name with some acclaimed releases being hammered by the most respected DJs of the scene, he has kept a low profile and obsessively put out tracks of his unique, yet varied style.

As a multi-faceted artist, he is the man behind a substantial list of aliases and projects and is also the owner of a handful of different labels, such as Comfortable Records and its sub label, Vanity (founded with Gunnar Viggosson).

In recent months, Tommy has released on Cabinet Records, Yay Recordings, Robsoul Recordings and Cartulis Music, just to name a few.

Sebastian Eduardo

Sebastian Eduardo is an artist who started his galactic journey in the metropolis of Zurich, before following nomadic traces through Asia. Back in his hometown, he used to organize underground techno parties in occupied houses. Transcending the dancefloor, his style floats between the orbits of house, techno, acid and broken beats with the right dose of depth.

Sebastian has previously released on Croisiere Musique and Sharingtones, and has projects upcoming on labels such as TVIR, Untold Stories and FakedTunes.

Christian Jay

Christian Jay is a young local talent from the Bristol scene, who recently relocated to Berlin to take his electronic music career to the next step. His name as a producer first got noticed through two appearances on Various Artists EPs of Bristol-based Banoffee Pies label, while as a DJ he co-hosts the Luthiers Basement radio show on renowned KMAH radio.

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