feeder sound 98 mixed by Katu

feeder sound 98 mixed by Katu

Feeling the Monday blues? We got you covered with a special edition of feeder sound! This week our guest is Katu, a very interesting artist from Paraguay.

With a background in arts and paintings, the young  Katu has a lot of influence from the plastic arts. As his mother has always been a very expressive painter, with the hours inside the atelier discovering the power of colors, Katu also tries to bring that sensibility to his music. Mixing layers of different ambients and textures, he colours the space with noise and glitches. 

Katu is a very talented artist with a developed sensitivity, he started his passion for music at a very young age studying guitar, bass and drum. His taste led him to study DJying in Curitiba (Brazil) and so this rising star was born. He has performed at the best clubs of South America and also played at the acclaimed underground party Mamba Negra, in São Paulo.

Producer of amazing tunes, Katu is one of the names behind the duo Strange People, with Eduardo Cavassim. The latin- american duo has progressed in the underground music scene, touring around and releasing with big name labels as Bla Bla Music, DTD and Better On Foot, reaching 5th place in the top 100 of Beatport.

Now Katu is focused on the first release of his Vinyl records on Ariki Records. These releases include remixes from very strong names in the industry, managing the record label, performing and getting ready for his tour in Europe where he will play in Bucharest – place known for it’s crazy night life, Berlin- at the famous 60 HZ Club, UK and Paris. 

“I produce music in order to express myself, I get inspired by many artists and people around me that influence my creations in a very positive way. I want to give a special thanks to Oana Puciu for her support and love, Resa and Alejandro Cuestas for sharing their amazing tracks, Kessy Santos, Giulia Savoi and all members of Music Nerds, Sreyashi Roy that is always there for me and the team of Feeder.ro for making this podcast possible” – Katu

This mix is of a very high quality from start to end, the tracks are blending in perfectly with each other. Some known artists such as Barac, Funk E or G76 are present but there are some unrelesead goodies for you to enjoy too. If you want to listen to Katu play live, you can head to Control this Wednesday at the Ariki Records launch party.

Katu: soundcloud
feeder sound:  feeder.ro // soundcloud

feeder sound 98 mixed by Katu

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