feeder sound 89 mixed by Hadro

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feeder sound 89 mixed by Hadro

For the 89th episode of feeder sound, we introduce to you Hadro, a pretty unknown name in the scene but he is slowly climbing his way up the ladder. He recently played at festivals like Massive Gathering and Imagine Festival.

I think music generally is connected with one’s feelings in a subjective way. These are the feelings that are exposed in everyone’s own reality. – Hadro

The set Hadro prepared for you is just what’s needed for an afternoon relaxing at home or preparing for a party. It starts off slowly, just getting pace as the minutes go by. Some alluring vocals show up and things really get going. The bass line floats throughout this whole journey to create a perfect atmosphere. Hadro does a really good job here of really getting things in order. He warms you up and then lets you hit the dance floor.

Hadro: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: soundcloud // feeder.ro


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