VA – ARI001

VA - ARI001

This week we bring you something extra fresh. Ariki Records is a new Romanian record label owned by Oana and Katu which focuses on minimal and dub techno. With artists like Zgîrie Disc, Katu, Akseltone, Dragusanu on their roster, Ariki clearly tries to bring something new to the table and it succeeds.

To be ARIKI, it means to be fearless, raw and in touch with your inner beat. To be oblivious of any obstacles that might arise, while godly in all your endeavors and true to yourself.  You’ll hear how this set of values reflects in their tracks.

VA - ARI001

Digital Jazz, from Zgîrie Disc, is the first track on this EP and it’s a very deep and chilling adventure into the darker corners of techno. Mazzitelli‘s Teletransbordar goes into a different direction with kicks and drums involved in a perfect contrast.

Up next we hear Rec001 from Katu & Resa and the distinct vocals along with its intriguing bass line make it a perfect tune for a great warm up.

You’ll certainly want to turn your speakers up for Se Aude Încet from Dragusanu because its mystical rhythm and floating bass lines will make you want to hear this track in full volume.

Dirty Flute Render from Akseltone is a splendid track for lifting spirits up. Drums, kicks and recurring vocals will get your feet going in no time and put you in the right mood. Post Varanism, also from Akseltone, is something entirely different and it seems to fit perfectly for some after-hours sessions.

Oana and Zakaria will get you Puzzled with their track. It has some enticing vocals and when that bass finally kicks in, you’re on a journey one wishes would never stop. This is some deep stuff so you’d better prepare yourself.

KVLR closes things off with Siluete and if you thought that ARI001 would go down quietly, you’re mistaken. This a thrilling track, just what is needed for some dancing and getting your energy up. It’s a little chaotic, but it is the perfect finish for this EP and it makes you want more.

If you want to hear some of these amazing tracks mixed live, you should join us at feeder insider pop-up gallery at Kube Musette, 114 Victoriei Avenue where OANA will be mixing Saturday July 16 for the closing party.

feeder insider pop-up gallery takes place between 12 and 16 July. Kube Musette will host a preview of feeder insider booklet #02 and the works of Ioana Sisea, Matei Branea, Saddo, Irlo Doidoi, Pisica Patrata along with surprise guests from the insider series. Come by for 5 afternoons of creative relaxation, good music and inspiration on the oldest street in Bucharest.

Label: Ariki Records
Release date: soon
Catalog number: ARI001

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