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Kicking off the summer with our third various artist release on Sol Asylum we have invited some stellar new artists to join our tight knit family.

First we invite Mariano Mateljan with WhoWhatWhere, his raw minimalistic analog sound really shines through with a swinging percussive bass line, echoing vox and splashes of pads to set the mood.

Now moving into more techno territory with our beloved mastering guru Gabriele Carasco with his slow burner Theory Of Flow, has just the right amount of acid to take you on hypnotic journey through the lab.

No introduction is needed for one of Sol Asylum’s core members Miss Jools. This time around creating a deep and moody vibe with What You Do she adds touches of vocals, an elaborate construction and glistening pads that finishes it off flawlessly.

Last but not least, we introduce Markus Sommer with San Beneghetto. His skills and mature taste blew us away regardless of his youthful years. This garage-fueled track with gliding synths and jazzy bass lines is the perfect track to warm up your summer day.

cover artwork by Nteko

Pre-order of the release available on deejay.dejuno or decks

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