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Crew Love - Based on A True Story

Crew Love – Based on A True Story

It is true love. It is crew love. That would be the story of the first release of Crew Love Records in a nutshell. Crew Love Records is a collective label which features the duos Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb and their friends PillowTalk, Nick Monaco, Navid Izadi, Tanner Ross, Slow Hands and Life On Planets. It is basically the gang’s way of having fun and making quality music at the same time.

This release includes 11 tracks from all of the family members, both in collaboration and solo form, with the press release stating that it is about “smoking pot, ex-girlfriends and, of course, true love”. It is certainly full of passion and you can feel the love they have for what they do in the songs so a cosy feeling surrounds you as you hit play on this one. And considering that the Soul Clap guys, for example, have a notorious talent for editing old tracks and making them relevant again, the fact that this album is the Crew’s creation entirely, no edits, is a true testament to their talent.

Crew Love Based on a True Story

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All aboard the Love Train! This one by PillowTalk & Soul Clap ft. Greg Paulus is my favorite from the album. Right from the beginning, you travel in time instantly in a 70s summer. It’s full of groove, it’s funky and at the same time futuristic. The vocals complete a track that just puts you in a good mood and with lyrics like “we were laughing, we were dancing, it was true love, it was crew love” you can really feel the love. Hats off to this one.

The funkiness continues with Smoker’s Delight by Soul Clap & PillowTalk. This hip-hop oriented jam truly is a delight even if you don’t smoke. The bassline tells a story which is perfectly blended with the alluring vocals. The track’s hypnotic and fresh vibes perfectly recount the story behind the Crew Love mentality.

The Brazilion from Wolf + Lamb is for sure something different. An intriguing presence here is the guitar which clearly gives the track some rock and alternative influences, making for a weird track indeed. In theory, it shouldn’t work; but it does – so it is weird in a good way. Variety seems to be the album’s main ingredient and “weird in a good way” might qualify as a motto for these guys.

Unprotected Ex by Soul Clap, Navid Izadi and Kidhead is full of nostalgia and sentimentalism. If you’re into emotional songs, this one is for you.

Hella Rigorous by Navid Izadi and Tanner Ross is a true hip-hop jam but with the Crew Love signature sound all over it. Funk and soul blend in with the rapping and make a perfect song for some chilling in the summer sun.

Nick Monaco delivers his usual unusual sound with Yo Soy Un Pusher. This guy really does things differently and it is what you’d expect after all from someone who wears lipstick in an effort to challenge the way masculinity is looked at. It is a fresh track with a contrasting vibe throughout, but it works big time.

Memories of Mallorca by Slow Hands and Tanner Ross transports you directly on a beach in Mallorca, cocktail at hand. The ingredients for this one are clear: a slow bass line, nostalgia, summer vibes and appealing vocals.

You can listen to the whole album on SoundCloud but we recommend you buy it because it is truly a work of art. If this is based on a true story, please someone share that story with us.

In 2014 they had a European tour and Bucharest was on their map. Having been to that party, I can tell you firsthand that if you have a chance to catch these guys live, you shouldn’t miss it. So maybe it would be a good idea to drop by Spellground Festival this summer.

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