LIZM12 cover

«Forever Never more» is a physical and digital compilation including three vinyls and a digital release. Our very first vinyl will come out soon featuring tracks from Birdsmakingmachine, Deadbeat and Louis McGuire.

Kicking off the first EP, the nest slithers of percussion and whispers of icy soul weave their way into the sublime, sprawling concoction thatBirdsmakingmachine delivers, shifting drum sounds across eleven minutes of delicate yet irresistible groove.

Meanwhile on the B-side long time champion of future-minded dub techno Deadbeat creates something of an anthem for the label, turning out an energised workout laden with psychedelic swirls of delay and embellished with a catchy vocoder hook.

Recent Lessizmore signing Louis McGuire delves into his low- slung MPC-powered bag of tricks and drops another crucial slab of swinging funk that nds the up and coming artist turning to a moodier sound palette customized for the deepest corners of the night.

The first vinyl of our compilation will be soon, you can already preorder it by clicking on the link below.

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