feeder sound 83 mixed by Dtef Șecât [Diminutive]

feeder sound 83 mixed by Dtef Șecât [Diminutive]

feeder sound 83 mixed by Dtef Șecât [Diminutive]

Off to the seaside this weekend? feeder sound is here to make sure you have something good to play on the road. That being said, we introduce to you Dtef Secat.

Being an addict of parties, it wasn’t long before Dtef Șecât discovered his interest in electronic music. He found ways of expression that enabled him to free up his creative side. Since then, he spent most of his time discovering music in all its forms and shapes, and that reflects on his enviable record collection. Known as Ștef Decât or Tufan, he is involved within the local underground scene. A number of quality parties have been held here in Bucharest by him, where he invited other young and talented artists from our scene. He started to build a reputation for himself and regular gigs became a part of his life.

At the decks, Dtef Șecât has different electronic music styles, thanks to his interest in every kind of music and to his desire to experiment with the sound. He has shared the scene with important artists at festivals like Waha or at private parties with Miss I, Piticu, Marlene Magnoli, G76, Vid and many others.

„ Because I wanted to experiment a bit, I made this set which is an amalgam of sounds. It characterizes me because I blended in different styles of electronic music. It’s pretty much a story which keeps you fascinated and every track is like a new chapter. Pretty much techno but extremely minimal.”

This set is abstract and hypnotic, from dark sequences to dreamy passages. It’s full of kicks and turns and the bass line gives you the perfect state of mind because the 1st of May parties are almost here and this mix is a perfect warm up.


Dtef Șecât: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud

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