Sepp – Timpuriu LP

Sepp - Timpuriu LP

Born and raised in Constanța and ex-resident of the legendary La Mania club, Sepp is certainly a name to remember in the Romanian underground music scene. Bajdechi Teo, by his real name, co-owns with his friend Nu Zau the alluring UVAR label and last year he started his own project, Catren, a label that goes towards a more lyrical and organic approach to music. Tracks such as Basolerief Edict or Nopți Tăcute, speak for themselves in terms of the quality of Sepp‘s productions.

Having this in mind, we’re pretty excited about Timpuriu LP. It is Sepp‘s first album released on UVAR, and it was surely worth the wait. It contains six tracks on a 180 gram format and it will be available soon on all major stores.

Sepp - Timpuriu LP

We kick things off with Motus In Urbe where we can explore some very interesting minimalistic soundscapes with the bass line as our guide. Some peculiar sounds accompany us down this journey and every element blends in entirely so we couldn’t have hoped for a better start.

Tamburet de Romancero is up next and you can feel the vibe change from the first track. We go deep with this one and the organic atmosphere is still there. It feels a little creepy maybe, but as the track moves on it develops into a very serious techno track and Sepp delivers some very interesting stuff here.

Drumul Cu Povești is exactly how the title suggests: it tells you the story of a very trippy and honest track, nothing but bass and some curious sounds in the background.

Some percussive layers and subtle bass lines await us in Taina Gorunului and it indeed shows us that sounds that at first seem like they couldn’t possibly work together can blend in perfectly and make a perfect track. Thank you Sepp.

The more dance floor oriented Sauve Qui Peut is the fifth one on this LP and it remainds us that Sepp can approach different styles with the same result: quality techno music.

The curtain falls with Coup de Vals and it is fitting that this one is the last. Sepp really pulls this one off with great style: some very haunting and mysterious sounds escort the powerful bass line. It’s a wonderful ending to a really inspiring piece of art that is Timpuriu LP. Sepp did a really good job with this LP and it made us want to get a better look inside his world. Maybe we’ll do something about that.

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