Schumacher Club in Bochum opens its doors

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Schumacher Club in Bochum opens its doors

We are a collective of creatives from Bochum, Germany. As a well-established group of DJs and promoters, hosting parties at a steady location, was the next logical step to take and a matter of heart. We aspire to push the envelope, creating an innovative, state of the art location for electronic music. As die hard music lovers, we are committed to serve only quality sounds to our audiences.

We feel obliged to those who share our passion for good music and the people we have matured with during our personal development in club culture. Feeling our guest and giving them a spot where they can just be themselves and experience unique moments is our main drive. Schumacher will be a club for open-minded people and free spirits, fuelling the local scene with intensity and excitement. Not only are we going to bring great national and international acts to Schumacher, we are also making a creative space for visual arts and design to compliment our consistent concept.

schumacher opens its doors

Because we want an intimate ambience, that brings our guest and acts as close together as possible, we picked a smaller location. The venue holds about 200 people. A Funktion One sound system provides the most distinguished and deepest sound. For visual effects, we chose a manually operated light system above the dance floor that will blow your mind.

Our kick-off-party will be on April 9th 2016, opening at midnight. Since we have no set closing time, our parties will last as long as there is a vibe.

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