feeder sound 77 mixed by Lola Palmer

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feeder sound 77 mixed by Lola Palmer

The sun is out now and you can certainly find some light in today’s feeder sound episode. We had an interesting talk with Lola Palmer where she dropped a special gift: a fresh set made for your dancing feet.

Lola is an Ukranian DJ and producer. 2013 was her breakthrough year, as she launched her now famous EP “How you feel” on Ready Mix Records. Using her own vocals, she made an amazing impression on everyone and the track had a remix made by none other than the legendary Terry Lee Brown Jr. In June it will be ten years since she hit the decks for the first time.

About half a year ago, one of Bucharest promoters had been listening to my set before going to bed, fell asleep and began dancing to my track “Close Your Eyes” in his dreams. That was a point of no return and he decided to book me in Bucharest. Marius himself shared this story with me. In January, everything finally worked out and I made my trip to Romania. – feeder insider w/ Lola 

Since you’ll be probably hitting outdoor places today, this set is just right to get you in the mood. Trippy, filled with a dance-floor vibe which provides you with the right kind of energy. It will get you on your feet, but there are some deep frequencies in there as well, enough to spice things up a bit. Enough talk, more listening. Enjoy!

Lola Palmer: facebook // soundcloud
feeder sound: feeder.ro // soundcloud

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