VA - LDN004

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LDN Records is a vinyl-only London based record label which delivers uncompromised underground music from young talents and established artists as well. They describe themselves as redefining boundaries and disobeying the rules. Label boss Scott Kemp launched LDN in 2015 and the London label has had a close relationship with Romanian artists since the beginning: on LDN002 we find two tracks from Xandru and a remix by Scott Kemp while on LDN003, Nu Zau comes in with his remix on Scott Kemp‘s 1988. Perhaps we’ll hear more from Scott Kemp here on feeder…

VA - LDN004

We start off with Lumieux‘s Pista de Baile which has a very melodic and chilling feel to it and it introduces us gently into this double LP. The bassline comes in just at the right time and it blends in perfectly. It is a perfect mix of warmly stripped music with a pinch of a laidback vibe to it. An excellent opening.

Up next we have Zefzeed with his track Spring Onion. The Timisoara native delivers a record full of layers of radiating synths that are chasing one another and thus making a splendid fuse of grooves and melodies that can make you feel as if you’re on a lovely journey which will never end.

Moving on a more serious note, we have Nu Zau with Rdv Jeudi. This is pure no-nonsense techno and the recipe is simple: a steely organic feel floats across the bassline alongside some dark strings and a mesmerising groove.

On we go and we encounter the boss himself, Scott Kemp, with Suki. The sensation here is that this is a never-ending build-up with kicks and spikes that have a dreamy effect on your ears. When the bass goes down though, the rhythm takes an unexpected twist only to intrigue you even more and in this way the track becomes dancefloor appropriate.

Tough day at the office? Don’t worry, VID had one too. But the result is probably different from yours. Greazi is a track driven by a catchy bass, an ecstatic vibe and some lovely grooves just perfect for relaxing after a long day. It surely will bring a smile to your face.

The mood surely changes with Zuki by Roon which has a marvelous futuristic sound to it and the perfect words to describe it are: dark, percussive and powerful. Just what the doctor ordered.

For the last part of this LP we go deep with Rowlanz‘s G.R.V.  It has kicks, drums and grooves that will make you dance instantly. A superb ending to a wonderful LP.

LDN004 will be on presale soon.

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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