Lars&Gunnar Hemmerling – Twin Peaks EP

Lars&Gunnar Hemmerling - Twin Peaks EP


Twin Peaks EP
Lars&Gunnar Hemmerling
[vinyl] 01 February 2016 [digital] 20 April 2016


Dock is a berlin vinyllabel focused on quality imprints in the cross -sum of dub/ambient/electronica/techno.
We dont care too much about trends and hypes…as long as the music keeps you warm and up. we re more fans of the old mother vinyl… but some digital releases will be on the way soon as well.

The label is run by Lars Fenin aka Fenin who has released on such imprints like: Echocord, Shitkatapult, Meteosound and Lars & Gunnar Hemmerling ,the dubby-twins who are known for their variety music journeys as DJ Team and their releases on Eintakt, Fullpanda.

[a1] phoenix asteroids– An inocent start is followed by an unexpected beat formation. You will understand the secrecy behind the name’s track when you will feel those gnarring drums and shadowy high hats. Boulders of sound just keep pummeling encouraged, guided even, by a psychedelic-acid-like snare. The tech flow feel confirms the choice. My pick.

[a2] freebirds in a cage–  reliable whizzing paves the way into a jumbled flaky techno layout. The outro stimulates imagination.

[b1] twinpeaks– Grabs and does not let go. The listener climbs the melody’s steady ladder only to face vicious grinding sounds audible in the track’s last section. Mystic and reverie-inflicting I find this to go very well with gatherings in foggy mountains.

You can find dock records@


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