SIT – Sideways LP Part III

SIT - Sideways LP Part III

It was one of those typical Sunwaves late mornings with the [a:rpia:r] crew doing their usual magic at the decks and making people forget that it is even possible to feel tired at some point. This was the 1st of May edition of last year and here I heard it the first time played by Raresh. By it I mean the track. It sounded like something heavenly sent, something for the angels. The vibe was amazing and what was coming from the speakers felt like something else. As time and parties went by, people started to hear this track getting played almost everywhere and by everyone. Rumours started spreading and it soon became clear that it was indeed a SIT record, unreleased obviously.

SIT – Sideways LP (Part II)

In case you were wondering how SIT tracks come to life, we had a pretty interesting discussion with Cristi and Vlad a while ago on our insider series:

„The SIT tracks gain form during jam sessions. We begin from a basic scheme on top of which we build and add different elements.”

Back to the Sideways EP, the wait is over. Angels is finally here and it is part of the third and final instalment of the Sideways trilogy. The curtain falls on this wonderful show of talent and inspiration exhibited by Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia on the LP and if the first two parts, which were released in November and January, were quite long featuring six tracks each, this one is a bit more succint with only three tracks.

We start off with Angels and I have to say, it created a fascinating hype around it and it feels like the enthusiasm surrounding this one was worth it. The angels are indeed upon us and the track has that acid feeling to it, which already makes it a SIT classic. It is surely a big one as it takes up a full side of wax.

The next two tracks are also dancefloor oriented. Reconnect truly revitalizes your dancing fever with its scratch cuts and fast pace leaving you a little hypnotized while Shadow is a bit of a more serious approach to a very no-nonsense style of techno music, its break sequence closing off a magnificent journey.

You can expect Sideways Part III to be released in the following weeks. Until then, enjoy some samples of the magical work of SIT uploaded by Amphia on their YouTube channel:

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu


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