Non-smoking havens in Bucharest

Lista localurilor pentru nefumători

It seems that the ban on smoking in public places is slowly turning into a reality for Romania. We were glad to see that despite the delays and the hurdles set against of this measure, some of our favorite spots have already embraced an entirely non-smoking policy. So while we still have a long way to go before cigarettes get banned from all the hangouts in Bucharest, we can at least wait it out in a smoke-free environment.

1. Modelier

As of January 4th, Modelier kicked out the cigarette smoke: there’s no more smoking in the house on 12 Duzilor street, but there is a dedicated space in the yard equipped with heaters and ashtrays for their more vicious clients.


Since the end of 2015, the unforgettable burgers on 34 Horei street can be savored with all your senses untarnished, not just in the loft but in the ground-floor saloon as well.

3. Acuarela Bufet

It’s been almost a year since Acuarela opened a new outpost, in line with its playful, vintage and colorful style. The venue on 3 Gina Patrichi street boasts a menu which makes it hard to pick just one dish and proclaimed itself non-smoking since day one.

4. Lente

It’s always nice to return to the Lente dining rooms, be it for watching a movie, enjoying a quiz night or simply delighting in a delicious meal. Despite the fact that all the Lente locations have no-smoking sections, the one on 31 General David Praporgescu street is entirely smoke-free.

5. Frudisiac

We liked Frudisiac so much that we visited it (at least) twice this summer. It looks like we’ll be returning just as frequently in the cold season: in the Scandinavian oasis on 4 Intrarea Bitolia, the only scent welcoming you is that of freshly ground coffee.

6. Atelier Pinion

Even though we’re leaving our bikes at home for the months to come, the coffee shop/ garage on 23 Dacia Boulevard awaits us with the same friendly atmosphere and prime drinks for doing away with the cold.

7. Burger Van Bistro

The days of chasing the Burger Van around town had their fair share of charm, but we were glad when its wheel-less twin opened a few months ago on 4 George Vraca street. The menu is comprised of a selection of burgers, sandwiches, ribs & steaks and there are vegetarian options too.

8. La Plăcinte

Choose whichever of the 6 restaurants in Bucharest – none of them are smoker-friendly!

9. Satya

Satya has a vegetarian orientation, but you can also find raw and vegan dishes in the menu. Should you feel the need for a post-holiday detox or adopt a healthier diet in the new year, go to 25 Banu Manta Boulevard.

10. Bistro Carusel

Bookstore, exhibition venue and relaxation retreat – Cărturești Carusel is one of our favorite places in the Old City Center. It’s easy to lose track of time on 55 Lipscani street, whether you’re wandering among books and dazzling gifts or admiring the elegant mansion of the Chrissoveloni family from the bistro on the top floor.

11. M60

Is it the fragrant coffee, the fresh sandwiches, the Nordic design or the Romanian products why more and more locals are getting together on 2 Mendeleev street?

12. Beca’s Kitchen

Make sure you’ve made a reservation before you head for 80 Mihai Eminescu street. Although hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, the small bistro has built itself quite an enviable reputation through its slow food concept and the fresh produce that Andreea Beca turns into healthy treats.

13. Pukka Tukka

Speaking of healthy food, it’s well worth stopping at 13 Amzei Square: 100% organic products, combined in a few light and flavorful dishes.


On 18 General Constantin Budișteanu street, in the same building as Eclectico Studio you’ll find one of the most charming bistros in the city. Step inside to escape the passing of time as well as culinary routines.

15. Biomediterraneo

On 3A Ion Câmpineanu street fans of Mediteranean cuisine will find a restaurant-marché which combines the elegance of a vintage decor with Italian and French highlights.

Where are you taking cover from the smoke this winter?


Word spread quickly so we expanded our map of non-smoking havens: on 6-12 Copilului street, Kunnai is saving the lungs of those who love Thai food and if you’re on the lookout for no-nonsense goodies, you’ll find the healthy snacks from Frufru on 1-3 Batiștei street. You convinced us to include Simbio in our list: although the basement opens up a smoker-friendly bar, the non-smoking section is completely cut off from it and occupies the rest of the house on 26 Negustori street.

Another strategy would be to go out to tea shops more often as they normally ban smoking. Our favorites include InfiniteaCeai la VlaicuGreen Tea and Bernschutz & Co.

OrigoCamera din Față and Tucano Coffee have proven that there can be coffee without cigarettes, while Coftale joined the ranks of the exclusively non-smoking coffee shops this year. As for new arrivals, we were pleasantly surprised by Creamier, on 5 Benjamin Franklin street, and T-Zero, over at 1 Dianei street.

Who’s next?

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