Borusiade – Jeopardy EP

Borusiade - Jeopardy EP


Jeopardy EP
29 January 2016


Welcome to the world of Borusiade, Miruna Boruzescu, DJ and producer from Bucharest.

This year was definitely full-throttle for both us and Berlin-based Romanian artist Borusiade. Our connection was sparked by an extended feeder insider we did together, followed by several parties held in some of Bucharest’s most notable venues. She is part of Cómeme, holds an unconventional radio show – The Dreamcatcher – and was invited to do a guest mix for Ben UFO’s Rinse. After interacting with some of Cómeme’s artists, we believe optimism, depth, mystery, passion and irresistible friendliness are characteristics which highlight the overall personality of the label.

It’s not just Borusiade catching our attention, but the bigger picture of the female underground electronic music scene itself. We were glad to find out that women have found a way to join forces and challenge the status quo, as they’re doing right now on female:pressure. And what an incredible stroke of luck for us all, as this is surely going to bring crispy beats and elegant styles.

In this respect, Jeopardy comes to mind as the perfect example. The solo debut EP comprised of 5 tracks is scheduled to come out on the 29th of January straight out of the visionary mind of Borusiade and the psychedelic wand of Cómeme.


Spellbound– It introduces us to a world of analogue, scattered drums and hi-hats, so we, bewitched, can only sink deeper

When I make a movie, I think about it through music. When I do music, I think about it in film. – feeder insider w/ Borusiade

Haunted by flashlights– electronic mind dream, body suspended in reverie

Jeopardy– Voices mingle dangerously, the beat follows, steady, like an obsessive shadow, entices the mind to keep on falling.

Rescue– Sound turns to light and the door opens, the hard part is over now, we have taken the plunge off the cliff only to float freely through the hallucinogenic electronic acoustics of Borusiade’s candid voice.

When choosing the tracks for January’s scheduled EP, I had already spent a whole day with Matias to listen and select them, 5 out of about 12. That evening/night Sano, Avril and Gregorio (Gladkazuka) came along to listen to the tracks and each did a top 5 which I took into consideration when choosing the tunes. – feeder insider w/ Borusiade

Dancer’s Room– The audacious selection of tones, the concealed bass – firm and fast – together with the arpeggio-like radio waves broadcast a message into our minds: You are free! Dance!

The tune’s steady beat is accompanied by haunting images.

Industrial apparatus meets clockwork gymnastics. The blend of images reflects precision. Perhaps they are meant to direct our thoughts to the needle, moving freely through the track.   The well thought set-up reflects the years of experience Borusiade had with film.

The video is a collaboration with graphic designer/art director Marine Drouan, who puts together flyers for female:pressure’s Berlin events.


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