feeder sound 69 mixed by D.core

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The Russian winter is in full motion and we can say that we had our very own Russian temperatures here in Romania in these early days of 2016. So we thought it would be appropiate to start the new year with a techno set coming from Moscow. Introducing to you D.core, a DJ and musician who uses recordings of the city’s space and nature, projecting a picture of the modern world in his music.

Creating the concept of this podcast I tried to put emphasis on the atmosphere and space of the tracks, trying to create the special scale combining the wide melancholic beauty and the thick groove in itself. These are the characteristic features of my sound. I like my mixes to be full stories, not only a collection of favourite tracks. The whole mix is vinyl-only.


The mix is perfect for a cold winter afternoon with some familiar romanian sounds in it. We have tracks from artists like Vid, Zefzeed or Funk E and you can really feel an atmospheric vibe to it. So if you need something to keep you warm, hit play and enjoy.

D.core: soundcloud // facebook
feeder sound: soundcloud // feeder.ro

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