feeder sound 67 mixed by Lilith

feeder sound 67 Lilith

Christmas is the time of the year when you sit down with your friends & family, listen to your favourite music and enjoy the Holidays. On a very special day, we have received a very special gift from Lilith.

You may not know this, but she synchronises her music with the moon phases. Her sound is creating a transient soundscape, based on tangible and mystical frequencies.


“I’ve been inspired by numbers, the seasons, sounds of nature, the stars and the phases of the moon. Observing these elements helps me realize that I am such a small piece of this universe and with all this in mind I began producing a four season album series.” – feeder insider w/ Lilith


feeder sound 67 mixed by Lilith brings you one step closer to her concept and label 44 that is a path to aspects of structure and form, patterns and rhythm, in other words music & math.

”My life is music, everything is connected, so my life philosophy influences every aspect of my music. The ultimate goal […] is that through connecting with my music you will come more and more in connection with your own personal and natural frequency, your own rhythm. This helps you to remember who (or even what) you really are. 😉 ” – feeder insider w/ Lilith

Next year Lilith will release a four parts EP, called Plan ET. Each part features a track alongside a reconstruction from some of her closest fellow producers, including Roger Gerressen, David Gtronic, Romania’s Groovesh and Mihigh.


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feeder soundsoundcloud // feeder.ro

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