feeder sound 65 is on its way. Thanks!

feeder sound 65  

feeder sound is a showcase of local and international talent alike comprised of DJ sets and fresh tunes meticulously curated in a sound collection which promotes mutual recognition and cultural exchange between musicians worldwide.

feeder sound 65 is on its way. Thanks!

Filipp [Halvingrad], Liar, Golan, Miss I, DJ Vasile, Marcus Price [Svensk Bas] – SE, Ada Kaleh, High Jet, Bog, Atouck [Soundsphere], Tulbure [TC Studio], Dar Adal, Victhor, SIT [Amphia], Puxumos, ubic [save or cancel], Adrianho, Emi [Contur],

Chazzy Chaz [Tzinah], Sorin Milea & Radu Mirica, Bross, Suciu [Presure Traxx], Orbit – UA, Mihigh [Midi Records], M-Phunk [Tzinah], g76 [GSSPH], Vlad Dinu, Plusculaar [Mulen Records], Eusebio Digital, Mr. John [Tzinah], Stefano D, Ali Nasser [E VOI E], Robert David [unfelde], Cezar Stan, Never Over, Xandru [Sunrise], Dorothea, Charlie, Săvulescu, Motiv [dinsubsol], Primărie [Tzinah], Night Talk [AYM] – CH, Ruval, Chiresharii, Julie Marghilano [Sol Asyum] – US, Charlie Boy The Rabbit King, The Model [Adult Central], Trepied – NL, Deepzana [Lost in Time] – DE, Kozo [Understand], Nastia – UA, Andrea Wenger [Kumasi Music] – CH, Happy Gutenberg, BonBon, Nico S [Rare Deep & Tech] – DE, Lorenzo Magnozzi – IT, Animated Sounds – UA, Seek One [Repressure Records] – NL, Vivi.st [Inhere], Pavlov [Gazette], Alcalina, J. P. Sievert [Citrica Records] – DE

Stay tuned, because we still have a lot of great music to share until the end of this year. For the next series of podcasts our guests are  Tinar – CO, Lilith [44 CNCPT] – NL, Crihan [Natural]

feeder sound

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