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feeder insider w/ BonBon


feeder insider w/ Bonbon

Remarkable behind the decks through her focus and security, diverse and cultured through the music she shares with the audience, Bonbon surprises through the mysterious veil surrounding her. We heard her play in houses far away from the crowded clubs of Bucharest, or during a multitude of AV-centered cultural events. Each time she made us wonder where and when she would be playing again. You can find her crate digging or recording live sets at Misbits, a place she finds special. We are happy she said yes to our invitation and that on today’s feeder insider we get a chance to catch up with her.

keywords: minimal, harmony, unexpected, fantasy, deep

Hello, Bonbon!

Light has… more tones.
A place I would like to visit… among others, Socotra island.
In nature I find… energy.
I read with pleasure… Vice, I haven’t read a book for a long time.
Mirrors show… the good and the bad.
Behind images lay… certain intentions.
A dessert I can’t refuse… only one???
From the entire spectre of visual arts, I resonate the most with… design.
The place in which I am now… my happy place.
Three vinyls I always listen to with pleasure… I find these at labels such as Sylphe, Father&Sons or Hardworksoftdrink

feeder insider w/ Bonbon

Alexandru Bogdan: Hello, Ioana Andreea, how are you? Loulou Bonbon, or just – Bonbon are aliases under which you’ve been spinning tracks in these last years, when and why did you choose this name?

Bonbon: Hello, Bogdan, thank you for the invitation. The story is pretty simple. Bonbon appeared when I created a Myspace account while I was in Barcelona. Someone had said to me that day “Hola, bonbon!” and it seemed amusing. A couple of months later a poster for a party where I too was meant to play music had to be made, so I was forced to pick a name.


I received all sort of comments on my choice of name, some good, about it being easy to remember and cute, others arguing that it isn’t serious and it doesn’t suit me at all and I should change it.

I think both viewpoints are right, but so far I didn’t find one that fits and come to think of it, it doesn’t even matter.

AB: I’m curious what got you started with music and what inspired you to go on? Did you meet some people along the way who helped you with your artistic development, and what would you say are the qualities of a good DJ?

B: I’m from Pitești, a city where we won’t find much if we look today at the non-commercial side of clubbing, but things were different back in 2001-2002. I think I listened to all the existing Romanian DJs of the time when I was living in my hometown, a lot of progressive, breakbeat. Then I went on to university in Bucharest, Studio Martin, La Mania, the parties with Lee Burridge. I think it was 2007 when a roommate scored a weird half-broken mixing console which didn’t even show the BPM, and that’s when I began mixing seriously, in the mornings after returning from Session. I didn’t take it seriously for a long time, I mean, everyone wants to be a DJ, right? I felt good just playing at birthday and New Year’s Eve parties. Invitations sometimes came from party venues such as GrooveON, Traian42 and later, Guesthouse – each exhilarating. Not being able to give up is what kept me going. It’s hard to universally label a successful mix, but I think it should contain plenty of passion, empathy and inspiration.

Not being able to give up is what kept me going.

It’s hard to universally label a successful mix, but I think it should contain plenty of passion, empathy and inspiration.

AB: The energy that flows through you and into the public, how is it generated? What’s your method for preparing the set for a party or podcast and what kind of feedback makes you particularly happy?


BI try to make people dance if I am playing inside a club, while for the podcast, I don’t know, something more experimental. Preparing too much can kill my mood. It seems to me nicer when you do not know what track you are about to play.

AB: We felt good while listening via Studio 54 to your 020 Podcast. Later we dived into another bunch of audio and visual experiences with The Whole 12 Inches, a set brought to us by Halfisenough. Your sounds put together an experimental journey, what guides you when on the lookout for music?

B: : I aimlessly listen to a lot of tracks. Some I resonate with, others I don’t. Since I started giving a go to music production I also got a more technical perception of it.

feeder insider w/ Bonbon

AB: We’ve been to some of your events and noticed you mostly use vinyl. How does it get along with the contemporary technology required for achieving quality in production?

B: I play whatever I can get my hands on, I don’t have any prejudice regarding the musical format.

I enjoy mixing vinyl because it involves your sense of hearing more than the visual and it also demands more concentration, compared to when you see the bpm and the waveform.

I’m still just getting started with producing. The theoretical part is solid, but I need a well-equipped place where I can practice it, together with more time for experiments. Coming soon.

feeder insider w/ Bonbon

AB: This summer had you playing at a P’afară (Outside) event alongside Dj Vasile, ubic and Zniff and then again – this time Outside the Museum – together with Andreiu and Voi Cu. The last event kicked off with the opening of a gallery and rolled into a party. When talking about organizing, what ingredients make a successful event?

B: The main ingredient is music, if this does not match the taste of the participants, then the party will not work.

I avoided naming it ”good music” because perception of music is highly circumstantial..


You have to pack for all kinds of circumstances. It’s also nice when the promoters display interest, through different instances like a well-chosen line-up, stage design, acoustics or keeping the venue clean.

feeder insider w/ Bonbon

AB: You recently returned from an Ibiza residency. Did you bring back some pleasant memories with you? What new music have you discovered and which DJ caught your attention?

B: Residency? I wish! It was just an extended vacation. This was my first time in Ibiza and I think I was missing this influence. I went on this diet made of a Circoloco @ DC-10 and Rhadoo @ Underground, seasoned with Ricardo and Zip at Amnesia, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The Seekers afterparty with Alex Picone, Onur Ozer and Francesco del Garda was also really nice, in a location over by the seashore.

AB: Together with Romanian artists moving up we have more and more releases to listen to. Which of these talented individuals are outstanding and why?

B: Personally, at the moment I’m especially into Vladu Radu, Melodia, SIT because they experiment a lot. The entire scene is more and more creative… and expanding.

feeder insider w/ Bonbon

It’s been a pleasure!


Words & Translation Alexandru Bogdan
Photo VJ VLC

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