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ubic’s October chart on RA

ubic’s October chart on RA

ubic’s October chart on RA

October is cold in Bucharest, so we have lots of reasons to stay indoors, listen to music, buy records and party with our friends. This month’s chart by ubic on RA brings colour, heat and sounds from Romanian artists.

Barac , Mihigh, Ada Kaleh, SIT, Primarie, Arapu, Livio & Roby, Faster, Suciu, Traian Chereches

01. Barac – Sun, and Following [Moment]
02. Lilith – Hokkori Shiyo (Mihigh) [44CNCPT]
03. Ada Kaleh – Noapte albastra [Ada Kaleh Romania]
04. PashnLips – B1 Capriole (SIT) [Mulen Records]
05. Primarie – Disko Trans [Tzinah Records]
06. Arapu – Wasting [Liniar]
07. Livio & Roby – Plow [DT Revival]
08. Faster – Forme personale [Ruere Records]
09. Suciu – Tactical Sense [Altiorem]
10. B Struktutator – Bulybongi (Traian Chereches) [Tvir]


Words by ubic
Photos by VJ VLC & Save or Cancel

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