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Ada Kaleh - Dene descris LP

Ada Kaleh – Dene descris LP

Ada Kaleh - Dene descris LP

Ada Kaleh – Dene descris LP

Keywords: hypnosis, synesthesia, 432 Hz, frequency, space, organic, vinyl

Ada Kaleh is the founder of the homonymous record label, whose  releases can be found exclusively on vinyl, delights us with tracks that combine different, contrasting styles and approaches. As the techno or minimal beats transpose you into the track, organic elements, like warm instruments or nature-inspired sounds, surround you and build a special space, or as he puts it, an eternal present.

”The creation process is a moment of temporary madness, synesthesia is born right then. I enjoy a lot working with various layers of sounds that intertwine and embrace like a lotus flower. I like using field recordings with humans and nature, that offer that familiarity you’re used to and the perfect space to explore as a listener and as an artist.” – feeder insider w/ Ada Kaleh

The fifth release from Ada Kaleh Label is a double 12″ format, 180g vinyl only, full cover, gold hot tinfoil stamping, golden inner sleeves.
Artwork and design: Howl Ota

Leave a comment with your favorite track and we’ll try to get it full length on feeder first listen category. 😉



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