STORYBOARD: Ruval, Pavlov, Seme @ Gazette, Cluj

Storyboard @ Gazette

Storyboard @ Gazette

STORYBOARD: Ruval, Pavlov, Seme @ Gazette, Cluj
30 Octombrie, 23:00

A new night of music delight this Friday up on the hill.
Our special guest this time is Ruval; and this is how he presents himself in a few words:

Well…everything started in 2008 when i learned to play music, until then i was just a listener. At that time i was a child. I didn’t appreciate music and the work involved in makin’ music. In time I discovered more music, more places and a lot of great people that helped me see clearer what music is all about.
When I have time I like to relax my mind and soul with some orchestral or ambient music. It makes me dream and think of all kind of crazy things. I let myself influenced by artist like – ZIP, ARPIAR, RICARDO, CEZAR, HERODOT, SIT, but I also follow new artists which are delivering some hypnotic new sounds.
My future plans are to discover more music and make more beautiful friends.

feeder sound #46 mixed by Ruval

feeder sound #63 mixed by Pavlov



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