XDB [Panorama Bar / DE], FLVN, dannilov @ La Gazette, Cluj

La Gazette
La Gazette
XDB [Panorama Bar / DE], FLVN, dannilov @ La Gazette, Cluj
24 Octombrie, 23:00
XDB is Kosta Athanassiadis – German by birth and in residence, with Greek parentage. His roots are in the central German town of Go¨ttingen. It was here that he began DJing in the early nineties; where he worked in a record shop; where he ran a radio show for five years; and the base from which he established the Metrolux record label in 2006.
Kosta’s DJ sets draw upon his expansive record collection, playing right across the board of electronic music. He has no shortage of technical skill but it’s his selection that truly shines – putting the music itself at the forefront, letting songs breathe when need be, and delivering plenty of head-scratching “what the hell is this track?” moments.
When it comes to producing, Kosta favours a slow and steady work rate, opting to focus on quality control rather than record shop ubiquity. His DJing keeps him in the public eye, but one gets the sense that XDB prefers to operate in the shadows. There’s a refreshing lack of gimmickry to his approach – keeping it low-key allows him to be judged solely on the basis of talent. Arguably, it’s an innate quality – the way he wants to play it; the way that brings him most satisfaction, but it’s helped establish his reputation as an artist of considerable merit, winning the approval his audience and peers, alike.
XDB [Panorama Bar, Dolly, Echocord / DE]
FLVN [Apparatus]
dannilov [StoryBoard]
Fee: 10 ron < 00:00 > 20 ron
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