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Cueing in Dan Perjovschi’s post: “cross, wings, horse, bitch, cactus, stake. bucharest”, referring to the future monuments which will define the image of contemporary Bucharest, we thought we’d feature them all together to see what they look like, who authored them and how we identify with them. We’ll be going about this in reverse chronological order, meaning that the latest proposal will be at the top of our list.



2015 Vice informs us that we’re in for a full-scale shenanigan in Bucharest. Not a stake, not a button, not a potato, not a cactus, but a mega cross. The mother of all crosses is due to be erected in the University Square, where there are 3 more statues across the Academy and 1 in front of the National Theatre.

”Aripi - Monumentul luptei anticomuniste" - Mihai Buculei


”Wings – Monument to the Battle Against Communism” – Mihai Buculei
2012 A few years back, the sculptor Mihai Buculei started working on the construction of the two wings which would be placed in the Free Press Square.

”Regele Ferdinand, Carol I de România” - Ivan Mestrovic


”King Ferdinand, Carol I of România” – Ivan Mestrovic
2008 The Romanian sculptor Florin Codre revealed a reinterpretation, albeit roughly on the same site as the original, between the Royal Palace and the Central University Library, in the Revolution Square. The result is ”same-same but different”, as they say.
1948 The ensemble it was part of was destroyed.
1937 The statue of King Ferdinand, Carol I of România was executed by the Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

”Împăratului Traian” - Vasile Gorduz


”Emperor Traian” – Vasile Gorduz
A statue with many stories and many versions. At a glimpse we came up with 4 copies.
2012 Ioan Bolborea rolled out his version of Vasile Gorduz’s plaster mock-up. This crossbreed between Gorduz’s original work and the result of Bolborea’s bronze casting is situated on Victoriei Street, in front of the History Museum.
1994 Another copy of the statue is placed in the courtyard of the Romanian Academy in Rome (unfinished).
1993 The first copy is in Seville, between the Triana and Cachorro bridges.

”Monumentul Marii Unirii” - Ioan Bolborea


The Monument of the Great Unification” – Ioan Bolborea
2007 It was a shortly before the crisis and things were looking up for Bucharest. It led to a contest for making “The Monument of the Great Unification”, which we hope won’t be symbolically placed in Alba Iulia Square.
Quoting from the sculptor’s website, the man who also recreated the scene in front of the National Theatre of Bucharest from Caragiale’s work:

”The monument resembles a dome which originates from an organic entity, a cactus.” – Ioan Bolborea

”Memorialul renașterii – Glorie Eternă Eroilor și Revoluției Române din Decembrie 1989” - Alexandru Ghildus


The Memorial of Rebirth – Eternal Glory to the Heroes and the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 – Alexandru Ghilduș
2005 was the year when Bucharest inaugurated the Monument of the Revolution, better known as Ghilduș’s Stake or the Potato of the Revolution Square.

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