feeder sound 54 mixed by Nastia

feeder sound 54 mixed by Nastia

feeder sound 54 mixed by Nastia

feeder sound 54 mixed by Nastia

Nastia is living proof that hard work and involvement can lead to accomplishments. Anastasia Topolskaia is originally from Ukraine and in the last 10 years she’s been gigging in over 30 countries around the globe. The same reach she has via her Propaganda KISS FM radio show and recently, under the same name, she launched a label already featuring talented iO Mulen. After working 5 years for the famous Kazantip Festival, Nastia decided to tour even more almost striking a line over free time. Together with the team Feeleed from Odessa she organizes an event once a year where close people gather to catch up and have fun.

”I am never stuck and never stop discovering and trying. My inside world is full of feelings so I think because of that my production depends on my mood at the moment.” – Nastia

Her technique is flawless, the tracks are not from those you can easily recognize and the way they are blended infuses soulful energy and utmost desires to stand up and dance. You can hear her frequently playing at Arma17 in Moscow where she is also a resident

feeder sound 54 mixed by Nastia is a ”live recorded set from one famous party during this summer.”. Enjoy!

Nastia: soundcloud // facebook
feeder soundsoundcloud // feeder.ro

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