feeder sound 53 mixed by Kozo [Understand]

feeder sound 53 mixed by Kozo [Understand]

Totally passioned about the tech side of electronic music, Kozo isn’t afraid to touch both house and techno genre to complete his musical journey.
His groovy and uplifting sets are rumored to be inspired by the likes of Jules Verne, Terry Gilliam and Dalai Lama. Cartoon Network is still a sensitive subject. He strongly believes that one day Chuck Norris will find him.
These days Kozo is focusing all his strenght in production and the growth of his label Understand , founded with friends Cezar and Praslea.

feeder sound 53 mixed by Kozo is full of unreleased tracks from Romanian artists that we love. We can also preview Barac‘s new EP, named ”Moment Of Clarity”. Enjoy!

Kozosoundcloud // facebook
feeder soundsoundcloud // feeder.ro

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