Melt Music w Julie Marghilano

Melt Music w Julie Marghilano

MELT MUSIC  with JULIE MARGHILANO & MAURA @ Basing House, London
5 Septembrie, 22:00

For Melt’s September party we have two leading ladies from the underground scene taking control of the decks, all night long: Julie Marghilano and Maura.

Those of you who make regular trips to Berlin are surely familiar with Julie already, as her label/party Sol Asylum has grown from strength to strength in recent years. Sol meaning the sun or your spirit and Asylum being a safe shelter or a place where your mind and body can go crazy, this is the idea behind the Berlin-based event that was created in 2011 by Julie Marghilano.

Her label has released productions from the likes of Dana Ruh, Anton Zap, Miss Jools, and Dilated Pupils. Notably, each release fuses music and visual art together, seeing both Jools and Julie manage at every single stage, from lacquering to distribution.

Julie was raised in Las Vegas to a jazz musician father and a vocalist mother, so a wide variety of influences and experiences permeate through her sound, which is distinguished by the subtle involvement of her own violin. We are super excited to have her onboard and bring a little slice of her Sol Asylum vibes straight to Basing House for us

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