feeder insider w/ Dorothea [en]

feeder insider w/ Dorothea [en]


Andreea Dragomir a.k.a. Dorothea discovers and reinvents herself with every set; she dives headfirst into deep house, techno or experimental beats, in search of the acoustic harmony which would resonate to everyone’s inner echo – and she finds it. She whispered to us her thoughts on freedom, creativity and the role of music in her life – and we’re still pricking up our ears.

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Out in nature I feel… loved.
My favorite place in Bucharest… Bucharest.
I believe in… evolution.
When I close my eyes… I feel and see.
I want to learn… gnosiological science, something I’m already doing.
For a good party, you need… oxygen and friends.
I have the best memories from… my childhood, written by yours truly.
The one ritual I never skip… „I am love…”
When I’m 50… I’ll still be 15.
3 artists who motivate me to be better… Bence Peter, Sebastian Mullaert and the artist within.

În natură mă simt...

Violeta Năzare: Hello, Dorothea! We’re glad to get the opportunity to continue the conversation we started around the mix you made for feeder.ro. The set demonstrates a versatile and eclectic style – even moody at times. What emotions do you aim to stir in your audience?

Dorothea: I try every time to create that harmony of sounds and frequencies which offers a brief escape from the daily routine, with a hint of happiness.

V.N.: What was your first contact with the electronic music scene and who was Andreea before she became Dorothea? What sparked off this passion?

D.: When I was 6, my English teacher named me Dorothea; Andreea has always been passionate and inquisitive.

feeder sound 37 mixed by Dorothea

V.N.: How did the fact that you started playing music influence you? What party marked your debut?

D.: Around 2010 – a friend saw in me something I probably hadn’t discovered yet. And that’s how it all began.

[…] that harmony of sounds and frequencies which offers a brief escape from the daily routine, with a hint of happiness.

V.N.: Although more and more women choose to become a DJ, the line ups are still dominated by  men. As Matias Aguayo noticed, men create and strive to maintain power structures in many lines of work, including music. What are your thoughts on the subject? What challenges or obstacles is a woman faced with in this field and how much does image matter for success?

D.: It’s just as it usually happens in society as well, but we’re slowly starting to break down barriers, I’m all for freedom of expression, on any aspect. You have to find yourself first before you can present something – YOU.

V.N.: Your interests include promoting a healthy lifestyle, which involves a balanced diet as well as taking care of your psychic side, through meditation, spiritual healing and personal development. How does this approach get along with the demands of a DJ life?

D.: A perfect match! IT’S MAGICAL!

Introducing Dorothea


V.N.: Tell us more about your sets. How do you choose your tracks and the direction you project on a mix?

D.: I like to think that they choose me, we connect somewhere in between.

V.N.: What gear are you currently using and what else would you like to experiment with? Can we expect a release soon or is music production not a part of your plans yet?

D.: I definitely have plans, but I’m in no rush. I have faith. I’m learning.

feeder insider w/ Dorothea

V.N.: What’s your view on Romanian electronic music? Any favorite artists?

D.: Rhadoo, Cezar, Petre, Raresh- perfect combo.

There’s a lot of promising young talent out there!

V.N.: Music has always been considered a fundamental art form, but there’s also the opinion that electronic music, with its heavy reliance on technology, isn’t a true artistic product. What does creativity mean to you and how has the meaning of art evolved today?


I view creativity as the art of letting your emotions loose and allowing your heart to guide you, to make something… beautiful. 🙂



V.N.: With you, the feeder insider series reaches a number of 65 interviews – how do they seem to you? What do you look for in articles about artists you follow and what impact do they have on you?

D.: Unity in diversity. Kisses!

feeder insider w/ Dorothea

Words by Violeta Năzare
Photos by VJ VLC

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