Colorhadoo – Zanzibar [Amphia]

Colorhadoo, Zanzibar including Cristi Cons Remix – [AMP008]

Colorhadoo, Zanzibar including Cristi Cons Remix – [AMP008]

Colorhadoo makes his Amphia debut with two enticing tracks while Cristi Cons delivers the house’s remix.

On the A side we are presented with “J Strawbberry”, an atmospheric track which slowly slips away into a mind-bending realm, where broken voices come and go under different shapes and the listener is engaged by occasional eclectic explosions. A beautiful work and trouble waiting to happen when properly used.

Side B has Cristi Cons taking the interpretation duties of the main track. The remix keeps the general mood of the original with a twist, everything is wrapped around a tight groove with shattering low end work, ideal for those early mornings.

We continue with “Zanzibar”. This second track on side B takes the artistic vision into reverse. No more voices to be heard, huge spaces are reduced to just a solid groove. The track is guided by hypnotic pads and sounds while the emblematic percussion section is conducted by none other than Colorhadoo himself. Don’t listen to this in the dark!

Release date: 09.10.2015

J Strawberry

J Strawberry (Cristi Cons Remix)

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