Unfelde Records 001 [UFD001]

Unfelde Records 001 [UFD001]

Unfelde Records 001 [UFD001] is out now, exclusive on beatport.

Some dreams take a lifetime to be fulfilled. But Unfelde Records isn’t just some dream – it’s a vision. Founded and owned by Robert David, the label emerged from his sheer devotion to minimal and techno as well as the Romanian sound, which he set out to promote at an international scale.

With a focus on new and original work, Unfelde Records aims to deliver high quality releases and establish itself as a simultaneously familiar and singular presence on the electronic music scene. The label harbors a more human approach to minimal and techno and pays tribute to the inherent musical vibration in our surroundings, each track infused with an emotional undertone that can be traced down to the everyday moments that sparked its creation.
Unfelde Records: refreshingly unclassifiable and yet uncompromisingly Romanian.

Get your copy: https://pro.beatport.com/release/calypso/1571397

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