INTERSEC+IONS #2 w/ RUVAL, hosted by EllieN @ BIN Radio

INTERSEC+IONS #2 w/ RUVAL, hosted by EllieN @ BIN Radio
11 August, 21:00

INTERSEC+IONS is a BIN Radio weekly show, streamed online every Tuesday from 9 PM, hosted by EllieN, and spiced up by her monthly guests. Tune in here.

RUVAL is a music enthusiast and a DJ since 2008. His fascination with electronic music turned into an addiction to the quality sound. His unique style is a mixture of atmospheric sounds and deep house elements.
feeder sound 46 mixed by Ruval

ELLIEN is a DJ since 2005 and a producer for about 1 year. Her musical style is simply described best as underground techno with acidic touches, a magical exploration of the hypnotic side of techno.

INTERSEC+IONS is a challenge to re-focus attention on the sound dimensions around us. The sound is often the vehicle of communication between the listener and his world. INTERSEC+IONS is approaching sound from a variety of disciplinary angles—visual art, poetry, performance, computer programming, environment, and music.

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