Iureş 01 @ Cabana Nada Florilor, Fălticeni

Iureş 01

Iureş 01

Iureş 01 @ Cabana Nada Florilor, Fălticeni
8 – 9 August, 23:00


Pe 8 august dăm startul petrecerilor organizate de Electric Room. Iureş01 vă pregăteşte o noapte electrică alături de invitaţi pe măsură: Nu Zău şi Dubsons. Evenimentul va avea loc la Cabana Nada Florilor Fălticeni începând cu ora 23.00. Biletele în avans se pot procura de la Imperial Grill & Music cu 20 de lei, iar în seara evenimentului direct de la locaţie cu 30 de lei.

Nu Zau

Nu Zau is one of the leading producers and dj’s that have come out of Romania in the past few years. Inspired by already well established names such as Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo, Thomas Melchior and many others, he’s grown into a romanian household name in a very short year span.


Dubsons represents a new romanian project on the underground scene.They started making an own sound with influences from dub,techno,house & detroit.Their first vinyl release signed at BodyParts Records was out in october 2012.After this,guys released on All Inn Black, Project London,Vara.2013 was a really good year for Vlad and Robert with gigs in Berlin,Moscow,Saint Petersburg,London,Paris,Bucharest. You can hear their innovative sound in mixes from dj’s like: Rhadoo,Raresh,Petre Inspirescu,Barac etc.Year 2014, bring for themsome freshvinyl releases and one of the newest colaborations on the romanian scene with their fellow NuZau under the alias Nusons.

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