58 feeder insider interviews

feeder insider interviews

feeder insider interviews


No need to wait for a magic number to share this feeder insider retrospective. It will make you levitate anyway.

feeder insider w/ Xandru

58. Xandru [Sunrise] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/06/03/feeder-insider-w-xandru/

feeder insider w/ Michael Mayer

57. Michael Mayer [Kompakt] (producer // DJ) – DE
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/06/01/feeder-insider-w-michael-mayer-kompakt/

feeder insider w/ Ali Nasser [E VOIE]

56. Ali Nasser [E VOI E] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/05/20/ali-nasser-2/

feeder insider w/ Plusculaar

55. Plusculaar [Mulen Records] – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/05/06/feeder-insider-w-plusculaar/

feeder insider w/ tINI

54. tiNI [Desolat] (producer // DJ) – DE
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/04/30/feeder-insider-w-tini/

feeder insider w/ YOMSNIL

53. Yomsnil (artist & art director) – KOR
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/04/29/feeder-insider-w-yomsnil/

feeder insider w/ g76

52. g76 [GSSPH Desert Bucharest] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/04/21/feeder-insider-g76/

feeder insider w/ Mihigh [Midi Records]

51. Mihigh [Midi Records] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/04/08/feeder-insider-w-mihigh-midi-records/

50. Suciu [Pressure Traxx] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/04/01/feeder-insider-w-suciu/

49. Hașh Hendrex [Cadenza] (producer // DJ) – US
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/03/30/feeder-insider-w-hash-hendrex-2/

As for Metaphorical I try to embrace quantum theory and particle entanglement through soundwaves to represent an universal home for all life. – Hașh Hendrex

48. Matias Aguayo [Comeme] (producer // DJ) – DE
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/03/28/feeder-insider-w-matias-aguayo-4/

So I learned quite early to not care too much about whether people like my music or not, which I think has been a very healthy thing for me personally and also for my music. It is something I warmly recommend to every musician and it is something I try to encourage in our label. – Matias Aguayo

47. Mihai Barabancea [Rescrierea Secvenței / Overriding Sequence] – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/02/25/feeder-insider-w-mihai-barabancea-rescrierea-secven%C8%9Bei/

46. Blond:ish [Kompakt/Get Physical] (producer // DJ) – UK
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/02/18/feeder-insider-w-blondish-2/

We really believe it’s crucial as an artist to keep evolving and transforming… – Blond:ish

45. Koma [Krack] (designer street wear) – RO
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/02/12/feeder-insider-koma/

Mă leg de muzică pentru că o consider unul din principalii vectori de imagine pentru streetwear. – Koma

44. Emi [Contur] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/01/28/emi

43. Minéo [Crosstown Rebels // Leftroom] (producer // DJ) – UK
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/01/23/mineo/

I want to perform something that is a total signature of myself, not pander to the crowd and if people don’t like every part of a show then that’s cool […]. – Mineo

42. Andreiana Mihail (art curator) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/01/23/feeder-insider-w-andreiana-mihail-2/

O expoziție are doza ei de abstract și de efemer. O publicație marchează un moment, un punct, este un reper personal istoric. – Andreiana Mihail

41. Atjazz (producer // DJ) – UK
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2015/01/14/feeder-insider-w-atjazz-en-version/

I can tell you men and women alike love contrast in music, tough dirty beats with lush warming sounds give everyone something to get into, balance is everything […]. – Atjazz

40. Kitră (artist/illustrator) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2015/01/10/feeder-insider-w-kitra-ro-3/

KITRĂ x Titi

39. SIT [Amphia] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/12/17/feeder-insider-sit-ro/

38. Tulbure și Traian Cherecheș [TC Studio] (producer // DJ)
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/11/27/feeder-insider-w-tc-studio-ro/
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/12/10/feeder-insider-w-tc-studio-en/

37. Suzana Dan (artist) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/11/20/feeder-insider-w-suzana-dan-ro/

“Grava amenințare” – Suzana Dan, instalație 50 iepurași, 2014 @ Aiurart

36. Irlo (artist) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/11/12/feeder-insider-w-irlo-ro/

Irlo @ Club Guesthouse

35. David Sandu (artist // jeweller) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/31/feeder-insider-w-david-sandu/
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/11/18/feeder-insider-w-david-sandu-en/

Ring David Sandu

34. Atouck [Soundsphere] (producer // DJ)
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/29/feeder-insider-w-atouck/

33. Matze [Yama] (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/23/feeder-insider-w-matze-ro/
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/11/12/feeder-insider-w-matze-en/

Electronic music is not mandatory. It doesn’t need to be cared for. It exists. He who searches for it finds it. – Matze

32. Translucent [Kompakt] (producer // DJ) – USA
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/15/feeder-insider-w-translucent-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/27/feeder-insider-w-translucent-ro/

31. DJ Bog [burn Residency] (producer // DJ) – RO
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/13/feeder-insider-w-bog-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/08/feeder-insider-w-bog-ro-2/

30. Christian S [Comeme] (producer // DJ) – DE
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/02/feeder-insider-wchristian-s-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/10/06/feeder-insider-w-christian-s-ro/

I think dance music has become super multicultural. I assume in many places around the world you can be lucky and meet people with a similar love or passion for subculture/ underground dance music. – Christian S

29. Ada Kaleh [Ada Kaleh România] (producer // DJ) – RO
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/30/feeder-insider-w-ada-kaleh-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/25/feeder-insider-w-ada-kaleh-ro-2/

28. And.id [Mobilee] (producer // DJ) – GR
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/24/feeder-insider-w-and-id-en-2/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/29/feeder-insider-w-and-id-ro-2/

Being able to know what you want to do and at the same time feeling completely lost in the studio is the moment when creativity comes. – And.id

27. Marcus Price [Slang Musik] (producer // DJ)- SE
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/17/feeder-insider-w-marcus-price-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/18/feeder-insider-w-marcus-price-ro/

26. Lilith [Amazing Music] (producer // DJ) – NL
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/03/feeder-insider-w-lilith-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/04/feeder-insider-w-lilith-ro/

It’s the frequencies that connect a story. I’m an observer and I record what I hear. – Lilith

25. Ghica Popa (illustrator) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/09/01/feeder-insider-w-ghica-popa/

part of Ghica’s sneakers interpretation project

24. DJ Vasile [independent] (producer // DJ) – RO
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/28/feeder-insider-w-dj-vasile-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/27/feeder-insider-w-dj-vasile/

23. Miss I [Misbits] (producer // DJ) – RO
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/21/feeder-insider-w-miss-i-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/20/feeder-insider-w-miss-i/

21. Industrial Tattoo [Machina Electrica] (tattoo artist) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/19/feeder-insider-w-industrial-tattoo/

20. Cristiana Tăutu (PR Calup) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/15/feeder-insider-w-cristiana-tautu-calup/

Asta e o mare problemă a societății civile, care trebuie să înțeleagă că nu putem aștepta o eternitate ca cineva să facă lucrurile pe care ni le dorim. – Cristiana Tăutu

19. Golan (band) – RO
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/14/feeder-insider-w-golan-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/13/feeder-insider-w-golan/

We don’t have a recipe for our production, we sometimes begin with a drum measure, other times with harmony, whatever sounds good to the ear and then to the hand. – Golan

18. Liar [Origami Sound] (producer // DJ) – RO
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/07/feeder-insider-w-liar-en/
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/08/06/feeder-insider-w-liar/

17. Saddo (artist // illustrator) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/07/25/feeder-insider-w-saddo/

Saddo – Bangkok, Thailand

16. Pisica Pătrată (artist // illustrator) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/07/16/feeder-insider-w-pisica-patrata/

Pisica Pătrată pe acoperișul Cărturești @ Street Delivery 2014

15. Julien Britnic (copywriter) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/05/22/feeder-insider-w-julien-britnic/

Julien Britnic

14. XXXY (producer // DJ) – UK
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/05/15/feeder-insider-w-xxxy/

I don’t have any real philosophies when it comes to making music, I just sit down and see what I am in the mood to make, so I am not sure what else I will drift to in the future. – XXXY

13. Filipp (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/05/14/feeder-insider-w-filipp-of-halvingrad/

12. Aitch (artist // illustrator) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/05/12/feeder-insider-aitch/

Aitch @ O!Galeria

11. Bass Turbat (band) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/05/07/feeder-insider-w-bass-turbat/

Bass Turbat

10. HIGH JET (producer // DJ) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/05/06/feeder-insider-w-high-jet/

Per total lucrul la acest proiect a fost o super experienta in sine, unica in felul ei ‐ sa pastrezi libertatea digitalului in domeniul analog este clar modul nostru preferat de a produce piese. – HIGH JET

09. Dinara Drukarova [Marussia] (actor) – RU
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/29/feeder-insider-w-dinara-drukarova/

The story is very important for me. What I want to tell, what I want to make people feel, understand. – Dinara Drukarova

08. Thomas Azier (producer // DJ) – NL
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/25/feeder-insider-w-thomas-azier/

Intriguing arrangement and harmonies, thrilling production where you clash extreme opposite worlds into each other and a haunting melody that cuts right through it. – Thomas Azier

07. Alejandro Paz (producer // DJ) – CH
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/24/feeder-insider-alejandro-paz/

And between these cultural impositions comes to light what my identity is, which is impossible to define as we are, the Latin folks, a mix of so many influences. – Alejandro Paz

06. Dubbel Dutch (producer // DJ) – USA
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/22/feeder-insider-dubbel-dutch/

I think some artists in the hip hop world are paying attention to dancehall because the styles and trends of current hip hop are getting really stale and dancehall both new and old seems to be a fresh source of inspiration. – Dubbel Dutch

05. Rejjie Snow (MC) – IR
EN http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/16/feeder-insider-rejjie-snow/

I’m not really inspired by much at all other than the moon and going to new places. – Rejjie Snow

04. We Singing Colors (band) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/09/feeder-insider-w-we-singing-colors-made-of-wool-made-of-heavy-metal/

De cele mai multe ori pleacă de la o stare, care duce la o propoziție sau un acord care ni se pare că sună a muzică. – We Singing Colors

03. BAST (illustrator) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/03/feeder-insider-bast/

Bast – “Underclown”

02. Golan (band) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/04/01/feeder-insider-w-golan-%e2%80%9dlonely-nights%e2%80%9d-live-session-18-2/

Alex [Golan]

01. Shadowbox (band) – RO
RO http://www.feeder.ro/2014/03/26/feeder-insider-shadowbox/

Shadowbox este ca o familie, uneori funcționează perfect, alteori haotic, dar întotdeauna mergem mai departe împreună.

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