Girls in Wonderland @ SWAP

Girls in Wonderland @ SWAP

Girls in Wonderland @ SWAP

Girls in Wonderland @ SWAP
25 Aprilie, 22:00

Spring still keeps us on our toes, waiting for its warmth, so it’s the perfect time to get hot for the Girly Girl, super Dirty Sexy Party – Girls in Wonderland! ♥ ♥ ♥

We invite you in a new and perfect place to dance the night away, entering the womb where each of you is free to get that feminity / girlishness / womanhood out of the closet!

Expect nothing, but bring YOUR ENTIRE BEING, and allow yourself to be surprised by the atmosphere we will create together. This party is about freedom of expression, so don’t be shy and invite your less/non-gay friends as well, cause we’re sure they will have a blast!

You will find loads of sexy presences and entertainment, all with a nostalgic feel and a modern twist (some of you will remember it as “FetitzeDulci din Bucuresti” concept). We prepare for you a glamorous stage action weaved with cool beats and dirty sounds.

Also, we have some special friends invited, so the vivacious Colectiva Vagenta will join us on the dj desk and on the dance floor.


Tight Cherry [ Storyboard ]

Oana Maria [ Poetrip ]


DJ’Anne me Tarzan

More TBA ♥ to al

Entrance – 10 Ron, all night long, baby

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