Bucuresti Underground Label Night 02 pres ENSIS BLACK @ Papiota

Bucuresti Underground Label Night 02 pres ENSIS BLACK @ Papiota

Bucuresti Underground Label Night 02 pres ENSIS BLACK @ Papiota

Bucuresti Underground Label Night 02 pres ENSIS BLACK @ Papiota
23 Aprilie, 23:00

Bucuresti Underground Label Night 02 pres. Ensis Black

With creativity, sensitivity, intelligence and lots of deep emotions, Romania’s artists took electronic music to a whole new level. So we are taking electronic music events to a whole new level.

To support and promote this brilliant artists and producers, we are celebrating with a “Label Night” event series, Thursday nights in Bucharest’s well-known venue, Papiota. Each event, we’re inviting a different label and design together a showcase party to celebrate Romanian electronic music culture and its roots.

After the unexpected success of our opening event, we’re continuing our series with Ensis Black and its founders: Radu Mirica and Sorin Milea. You may also know them as resident DJ-s for Deep Mix Bucharest. They’ve just came back from France where they’ve had a killer gig and they are determined to fill our hearts with pure joy and energy.

Ensis Black is a sublabel of Ensis Records designed to promote, represent and distribute techno, minimal, techno-house, deep house and their young and talented producers in order to help, guide and support them in their musical journey.

A young dj&producer from Bucharest who spent all his childhood and teenage years listening to electronic music, Radu Mirica has now gained a lot of appreciation from the international music world for his great talent of mixing in perfect harmony the aesthetics of minimal with the braveness of experimental. Definitely one of the fundamental figures of the up-to-date new electronic movement, Sorin Milea has the talent to place artistic and expressive value on unexpected sounds and create powerful vibrations that sends us in a journey of uplifting emotions.

We love to party until the sun rises on our happy faces, but since Friday is the last working day of the week and we need to start it fresh, our events will start at 8 P.M. so you guys can still have enough time to enjoy a couple of beers and great music.

Join us and show support for all the carefully crafted productions that contribute to the contemporary Romanian authentic style in electronic music!

Ensis Black

Radu Mirica

Sorin Milea

20:00 // 10 Lei // 18+
Bucuresti Underground || Romanian Authentic

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