Feeder Jukebox #06 – Lvnar

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It’s a big party tomorrow but we can’t party before flipping a coin, so the Jukebox™ is here. We’ll go back to Milan for a trippy encounter with the solar-system-rock-next-door Lvnar right after the commercial break…

Just kidding, there’s no commercial break. Meet Lvnar a.k.a. Marco Ferrario a.k.a. Lvnar!

I met Marco at the Weird by SPG Halloween Party in Milan. Well at first I heard about meeting him then I actually met him since he was not there for a while, creating a thrill. Actually his friends told me he was having trouble finding a parking spot. It seems he found it:

You gotta love Suzuki!

Lvnar is one of the most important pillars of the Milan scene. His style is neat and based with a kind of fluid, liquid touch to it. The sounds are well crafted into a modern bass-music symphony and the tunes are lifting you to a higher galactic plane, which plane also has plants. It’s halfway between suzukicore and plantcore. He has my eternal sympathy for remixing “Sisquo”‘s “Thong Song” and he’s got a tune out now on B.YRSLF, one of the freshests labels out there. How cool is that?

So let’s get to listen to some music here, but first don’t forget to like Lvnar on FB and follow him on SC!

The infamous Jukebox™ curator,
Eusebio Digital

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