Separated Objects – Adelina Ivan & Olah Gyarfas @ Galeria Nicodim

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Separated Objects – Adelina Ivan & Olah Gyarfas @ Galeria Nicodim
11 decembrie, 19:00

Separated Objects is a project of/by Adelina Ivan and Olah Gyarfas, comprising of two installations regarding garments as material support of the artwork.

Opening Thursday, 11.12.2014, from 19:00 at Nicodim Gallery, Back Atelier, Bucharest, Cantacuzino Palace (side entry, 1st floor), 141 Victoria Street

The event is hosted by Galeria Nicodim besides the current exhibition of Alexandru Niculescu, Przemek Pyszczek and Isabel Yellin.

Adelina Ivan’s concept explores garments as artworks testing new processes of construction of meaning.
The complementary pairs of two colors reveal grey. Depending on the light’s intensity, the result will be either white or black. In order to reduce the light that would otherwise be reflected, the same mix used for producing black applies for producing white.
The meaning of a word depends on the context in which it appears – when combined, they cancel each other.
Depending on the surface upon which they are projected, the white becomes black and the black turns into white.

ADELINA IVAN is an established Romanian designer. With a BFA in Design from the Art Institute of Bucharest, she founded her label in 2008. Adelina’s garments breathe the fascination for geometrical graphics translated into clean cuts, pure fabrics and a restful neutrality of black and white. The label tells a story about revealing the small world within, hence the conceptual and harmonic collections and the devotion to keeping things simple and natural.

OLAH GYARFAS, similar to a scientist, enlarges details, creates macro-cuts and succeeds in transforming the surged structures into iconic patterns, which are conquering the male outfits.
The designer dedicated his creative energy for the PATZAIKIN brand, which was conceived as an open-laboratory that privileges the synergetic experimentation with new materials and tints. The garments keep an austere and simple line, which becomes the signature of the brand, as well as its restrained color palette. In his research, GYARFAS is interested in the beautiful allure of the everyday objects, old textures and recycling materials allowing them to inspire the emergence of new forms and materials, which are combing craft techniques with a vision that enables people to reconnect to nature.

PATZAIKIN successful story and distinctive signature emerged in 2011 with the aim to reconsider and expand the position of crafts traditions within local design practices and to encourage people to reinvent themselves through an inspiring communication with nature.
What makes the PATZAIKIN design unique, is its local inspiration, grounded in the fishermen handcrafts traditions and the culture from the Danube Delta, a tribute played to the world-acclaimed canoeist Ivan Patzaichin. Born in Danube Delta (Romania), Ivan Patzaichin has started in 2011 the rowmania creative movement in order to engage people with the natural surroundings.
People are invited to experience the nature’s spirit from inside, rediscovering its values by practicing in a contemporary manner specific crafts traditions and promoting rowing-tourism.
Since its official launch, PATZAIKIN bases its vision on the model of social engagement, considering clothing and accessories as “connectors” to the outer world.

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