Clubwerks/Origami Sound – Dan HabarNam: Car Moloz / Mut Mobile

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Clubwerks – Dan HabarNam: Car Moloz / Mut Mobile

Origami Sound has been very productive lately, as they travelled, played good music and released a fresh site along with really sweet EP’s. Car Moloz/Mut Mobile is one of them, out since December the 1st.
“With a musical carreer spanning over 10 years in different fields of the industry, Dan is the experienced artist who has a very clear idea about what he wants and what he puts out there.
It takes a lot of time and involvement for him to develop his music – in this very instance, both tracks are performed on a hardware sampler loaded with snippets of an impromptu live set he distilled to perfection.
This extraordinary EP has been waiting for the right time and context to surface, and we can confidently say that time and context have finally arrived.”

Check out the preview, buy it if you like it!

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