Feeder Jukebox #05 – Alfred English

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Hi! I’d like to welcome everybody to the wild wild west cause the freshest, the illest, the most originalest – Feeder Jukebox™ is back. Today’s lucky coin goes to Alfred English, check his stuff out after the hyperspace jump >

Meet Alfred here. He’s not quite communicative so unfortunately I can’t tell you much about him.

From what I know, he’s living in Los Angeles, California and he’s also into design cause man he does some nice artwork.. Pretty dope isn’t it?

Alright, let’s listen to some tracks. He does this weird trap/juke/club melange but he’s one class above each of those genres, bestowing them with a fine eclectic touch. The result is at least exotic:

Don’t forget to check the man’s Soundcloud!
And FB page. (hope I got this right)

Yours sincerely always,
Jukebox™ Curator
Eusebiø Digital

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